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Ancestors is a comprehensive, multimedia project with components that meet the needs of today's diverse audience, with diverse informational needs.

Below is a list of the major components of the Ancestors Instructional Media Project.

Television Broadcast Series
Ancestors returns for a second season with thirteen new episodes, a new host, and a new focus-the world of family history records. Shot on location around the world each episode weaves expert instruction with moving personal stories. Ancestors shows viewers how to find and use a wide variety of records for family history research. To find out when Ancestors will air on your local station, visit

Web Site
In addition to summaries and video clips of each episode, Ancestors Online offers advice from experts, genealogical forms, a state-by-state guide to family history resources, and links to other important family history sites. Ancestors Online includes sections for visitors to exchange research tips, order Ancestors companion materials, and check local air dates and times.

Companion Books
Companion BookANCESTORS: A Guide to Discovery - Key Principles and Processes of Family History Research, by Jim Tyrrell, published by Ancestral Quest, Inc., helps users understand and apply the principles of the research process. Includes extensive illustrations, expert commentary, a resource guide, and reproducible forms and activities. Approximately ninety-five pages.

Companion BookIn Search of Our Ancestors: 101 Inspiring Stories of Serendipity and Connection in Rediscovering Our Family History, by Megan Smolenyak, published by Adams Media Corporation, tells the true stories of amazing luck, unexpected kindness and unusual serendipity encountered by individuals as they pursue their family history. (242 pages).

Online Teacher's Guide
Using each of the broadcast episodes as a starting point, the Ancestors Teacher's Guide offers lessons adaptable to a variety of subjects. Each lesson consists of educational objectives, key concepts and student activities. Handouts, charts and worksheets are included. The guide also introduces new vocabulary and research skills that are applicable beyond family history. For use with students in grades 7-12 and community education programs.

Instructional Video Modules
Ancestors: The Research Process is designed for use in any teaching situation. Twenty-six segments model the five key research steps that successful family historians follow.

Web Courses
The Ancestors Web Courses offer solid instruction on a variety of family history research topics delivered via the Internet. Users may select lessons best suited to their research experience and needs. Offered for personal enrichment by the Brigham Young University Division of Continuing Education.

Home Video
VideocassettesThe broadcast series is available on videocassette either as a boxed set or as individual episodes. For home or educational use. For more information, visit the products page

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