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Cover shot of Ancestors Teacher GuideIntroduction

Discovering your ancestors can be an exciting experience. Ancestors is a 10 part television series. Each 30-minute program focuses on the positive impact family history can have on individuals and families. Hosts Jim and Terry Willard will introduce powerful stories of people who have made the connection with the past. Each story is followed by practical instruction on how to begin this journey of a lifetime.


Materials in This Guide

This guide is designed to help teachers and students in grades 7-12 use the Ancestors series as a starting point to actively discover their ancestors. It will introduce important steps and principles of family history research, and will provide family history assignments.

For each episode, this Teacher’s Guide outlines the following:

  • Episode Overview introduces the topic, the guest story teller, and the family history expert.
  • Objectives point to measurable student activities.
  • Vocabulary provides definitions of words used in the episode that may be unfamiliar.
  • Before Viewing the Episode provides a checklist of preparations and a suggested teaching sequence.
  • After Viewing the Episode introduces the student activities.
  • Activities are designed to reinforce key points by having students apply them in discovering their own ancestors.


Program Schedule

Ancestors is set to premiere in January of 1997 on your local PBS station. Check TV listings to confirm air date and time.




Off-Air Record Rights

Schools serving students in grades K-12 are granted off-air rights to the ANCESTORS series for one year from the date of broadcast provided such recordings are not duplicated or sold.



Teachers may photocopy or reproduce this guide and the enclosed student activity sheets for use in the classroom.

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