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The following charts and records are available to download for general use or in conjunction with the Teacher's Guide.

By popular demand, we have provided this material in two formats, PDF files and GIF files. See the instructions below for more information on each format.

PDF Files

To use these files, you will need to download and configure Adobe Acrobat Reader, if you don't already have it installed. You can get Acrobat Reader at Adobe's website:

Once this free product is installed, clicking on any of the links above should launch Acrobat Reader, which allows you to print cleaner copies of the charts and records.


GIF Files

Simply click on any of the links below-- which will bring up an image of the document. Then print the document using your browser's print function. Please note: these images may not print correctly on some printers.

Pedigree Chart (45.7 KB, GIF format)
Family Group Record (11.7 KB, GIF format)
2nd Page Family Group Record (10.4 KB, GIF format)
Timeline Page (16.4 KB, GIF format)
Research Log (11.2 KB, GIF format)
Family and Home Information Sources Checklist (25.5 KB, GIF format)
Child's Pedigree Chart (26.4 KB, GIF format)


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